Happy Birthday To Me

The main reason I started this blog was to reach out to those who were being misunderstood or overlooked. To let you know that we are all more alike than we realise and overcoming our struggle is easier together. Over a year and sixteen posts later and we still lit or wadevaaaa 😝 Today is… Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me



Hey loves! I know it has a been a good minute since I've made a post but right now so much is going on. Anyways, let's dive in! Since my last post a few things have changed and I'm really happy about getting to some of those milestones in my life. I have successfully finished… Continue reading CHANGE


On this day May 1, 2017 I am making this blog post because it's only right. Can't be a blog without blog posts right? It's the season of bringing 60s to 90s, adding finishing touches to assignments and struggling to prepare for exams. Up until this point you may have been procrastinating , which is… Continue reading protocol